International Conference on Biotechnology Conference Melbourne 2018
June 07-09, 2018 Hyderabad, India
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About the Conference


Citations international invitations all the respective contributors from the drugstore spectrum to come and take part on this elite and knowledge orientated conference. It is a scientific platform to observe and construct networks and form connections with fellow key name manufacturers from all-spherical the academic institutions, fitness care institutes, pharmaceutical, biotech, cros provide chain, provision practitioners creating the convention an ideal platform to share know-how, foster collaborations via the analysis talks & displays to location ahead several concept agitating ways. We cordially invite all the participants who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the area of Antibiotics, Antimicrobials and Resistance with the theme “Revolutionizing the New characteristics in antibiotics and Biotechnology Research and Education”. It is a superb stage to brainstorm, find out new thoughts and look for new abilities and a platform to factor out your abilities and discoveries to the planet. The conference focuses on current and research oriented topics like****Emerging Antibiotics, Mechanism of Action of Antibiotics, Antibiotics for Cancer, Antibiotics for Diabetes, etc may other additionally. Which will sure cause you to astound and spell bound sure and can build your expertise learning and unforgettable one?


Why to attend:

Antibiotics 2018 is a platform to discuss and learn about the latest advancements in the field of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance as the world’s consideration turned regarding the urgency of new antibiotics as the antimicrobial resistance is growing day by day. Many developed nations and International health organizations are trying to focus of the current situation and making new policies to prevent the adverse effects of Antibiotic resistance. This 3-day conference gathers researchers, academia, labs, Drug Manufacturers, government agencies, health professionals, hospitals, young investigators, Pharma and labs and presents their opinions through key notes, and case study presentations. This conference lays a platform for all the researchers working in the field of Antibiotics to know the latest developments and the current situation of the Antibiotic resistance problem.


Importance and Scope:

Antibiotics also called antibacterial, are a type of antimicrobial drug used in the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections. They may either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. A limited number of antibiotics also possess antiprotozoal activity. Antibiotics are not effective against viruses such as the common cold or influenza; drugs which inhibit viruses are termed antiviral drugs or antiviral rather than antibiotics.

Sometimes the term antibiotic is used to refer to any substance used against microbes, synonymous with antimicrobial. Some sources distinguish between antibacterial and antibiotic; antibacterial are used in soaps and disinfectants, while antibiotics are used as medicine.

Antibiotics revolutionized medicine in the 20th century. Together with vaccination, antibiotics have led to the near eradication of diseases such as tuberculosis in the developed world. However, their effectiveness and easy access have also led to their overuse, prompting bacteria to develop resistance. This has led to widespread problems, so much as to prompt the World Health Organization to classify antimicrobial resistance as a "serious threat is no longer a prediction for the future, it is happening right now in every region of the world and has the potential to affect anyone, of any age, in any country".


Targeted Audience:

 Food Safety Experts

Alliances of antibiotics

Public Health Preparedness Sectors


Strategic Drug Development

Scientific Business Communications

Medical Affairs and Networking

Executive Council of Global 

Directors of Pharma Industries

Antibiotics Associations & Societies

Business Entrepreneurs

Antibiotics Researchers


Market Report:


The global systemic antibiotics market should reach nearly $44.7 billion in 2020 from nearly $40.6 billion in 2015 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.0% from 2015 to 2020. Antibiotics, also called antibacterial or antimicrobials, is a group of medicines used in the treatment of infections caused by germs—bacteria and certain parasites—by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms or killing them. Since the discovery of the antibiotic penicillin in 1920, various antibiotic compounds have been widely used to treat several bacterial infections. Increasing incidence of chronic and infectious diseases across the globe and efficacy of antibiotics to treat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections have led to the rapid evolution of the global antibiotic market.

The indiscriminate prescribing of antibiotics by clinicians and physicians and antibiotic drug abuse among livestock over the past few years resulted in the emergence of many antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which proved fatal to human beings. Additionally, various infections surfaced that developed immunity to certain antibiotic strains, which aggravated the problem. However, the discovery of molecules that can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria has revived the growth of the global antibiotic market. The antibiotics market is poised for a healthy growth along the forecast period.


The single-use biotechnology market is expected to reach USD 2,685.1 Million by 2022 from USD 818.3 Million in 2016 at a CAGR of 21.9%. The base year considered for the study is 2016, and the forecast for the market size is provided for the period between 2017 and 2022. In the current market scenario, there is a growing demand for single-use bioreactor products. The major factors driving the growth of the SUBs market include the increasing adoption of SUBs among small companies and startups, reduced automation complexity, ease in cultivating marine organisms, and reduced impact on the environment. On the other hand, extractability and leachability issues regarding disposable components used in bioreactors and regulatory concerns related to SUBs are the major factors restraining the growth of this market. The major players operating in the single-use bioreactors market include Sartorius Stedim Biotech (France), Merck Millipore (Germany), GE Healthcare (US), Danaher (US), and Thermo Fisher Scientific (US)




Attention to Authors

Abstracts/Articles will be published in ISBN Book No. 978-93-5288-788-0 and Selected articles will be published in ISSN International Journal of Business Research and Management Practice and International Journal of Economics and Finance.